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Developer Application Agreement

Dear Developer,

Thanks for making the decision to sign up, now please agree following points to proceed:

1. You need send the application mail to to describe your purpose to become a JcDRAWN developer. (We suggest that you being an American Citizen willing to do business in US.)

2. If the first step qualified, we gonna make an appointment with you coming to Company's SV Headquarter (located at Plug and Play Tech Center, Sunnyvale, CA) to fill out the rest application form, including the Developer API Agreement/Developer Distribution Agreement.

3. If the second step qualified, we gonna ask you to send the check to Company. Once we received, Congratulation, you become a JcDRAWN developer, ready to begin.

4. We gonna provide you a client side Trial use SDK, which can be used to connect JcDRAWN service, with 10 GB data throughput in 3 Month.