JC DRAWN are very proud to become the Infrastructure Partner with WCA Event – Wireless-IoT Device Demo Fest 2015!

Participated in the Wireless Communication Alliance hosted Wireless-IoT Device Demo Fest 2015, being invited as the Infrastructure Partner providing a Demo WiFi connectivity service for the Demo Presenters’ on-stage realtime showcases, who are from Marvell Kinoma and another 9 disruptive IOT startup companies.

The Demoing WiFi connectivity service we provided is a quick 5G implementation Demo, that utilizing a RaspberriPi with 4 wifi modules as a WAN gateway (installed JC DRAWN client side API access program), and utilizing a TP-Link TL-WR702N as a Wifi hotspot with the WAN port connected to the PaspberriPi gateway. The 4 wifi modules with each 3 of them connected to a 4G carrier Mifi hotspot, Verizon/At&t/T-Mobile respectively, and with the remaining 1 connected to the Public Wifi the event venue provided.

The Demo presenters from the 10 companies connected their Wifi to our 5G Service while doing their realime Demo on stage. Against any single network dynamic, the Virtual Telecom Service we provided Dissolve-Roaming™ Across Wireless Networks, 4Gs/Public Wifi, to make their IOT device Demo in the realtime Control/Media context Valuable.

Most impressed are 2 demos, of coz each one of them took the most advantage of the Wifi connectivity service we provided that can sustain any single network dynamic. The first one is Marvell Kinoma, with its platform being optimized for connected, high-performance consumer electronics and Internet of Things (IoT) products, Building rich consumer experiences that orchestrate connected devices. Whose team demoed a realtime use case of the remote fingerprint lock/unlock cloud-based automation system.

The second one being Siliconic Home, with a smart Voice-User-Interface (VUI) connecting to their Cloud-based hardware and software platform, utilizing their proprietary speech recognition software. Whose team demoed a realtime use case of the remote Voice-Control Home Automation.

I am so excited to make the decision providing a Promotion Code “WirelessIOTDemoFest”, that encourage any attendee and participant company who wanna take advantage of our 5G service like the demo presenters do while making your most Valuable IOT device true against any single network dynamic in Realtime.

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