Promotion – After attending Wireless Global Congress 2015

Attended Wifi Alliance/Wifi Broadband Alliance co-hosted Wireless Global Congress 2015, thanks to WCA CEO David Witkowski’s warm invitation of the complementary ticket, hey, here say Thankyou, my friend :)

Since the event is co-hosted by 2 giant wifi spec determinant group, the main focus this year be targeted at Next generation wifi spec, most impressed of them are Smart City and “Wifi and 5G”. I asked 2 questions during this event, as each 1 at each different session, Greg Ennis Vice President Technology, Wi-Fi Alliance: Carrier Wi-Fi, and Jan Vandenhoudt Principal Consulting Engineer, Alcatel-Lucent: The Evolution of Wi-Fi Calling Services, respectively.

At the former one I asked, hey, I asked for everybody :) Should the 4G carriers put so many SmartCell/LTE-U inside the Wifi territory sharing our free frequency, who gonna represent us by fairly saying something and driving their 4G data rate down? You know, surprising me “NO Idea” At the second one I asked, hey, this time I asked for my self :) Since Alcatel-Lucent provides the revolutionary Wifi call across WIfi/LTE, should the vo/video call switched from Wifi network to LTE network, what’s the degree of the seemlessity we can expect? You know, surprising me again, “This is kind complicated question, we can discuss”.

Do we doubt on the definition of “Seamless”? In today’s realtime context, cared about are Robot/Drone/Autonomous-Car/VR, the Control/Video interaction in realtime could afford any second lost? when we talk about SEAMLESS.

But anyway, this time so excited things is that, you know, this kind Big important meeting, come many prices from Big territories, and they spent there all day, more than welcome to listening to new innovative/disruptive ideas. So I got lucky and thanks to each of them’s patience and willing to spend time sharing many insight (mentoring) to me. With my first Thanks to JR Wilson Chairman, WBA and Vice President, Partnerships & Alliances, AT&T Mobility, without your nice/encouraging talk, I would not have had the courage to keep my journey to the next talks.

And Say thanks to Howard Wright Vice President, Platform Engineering Group Director, Business Development, Communication and Devices Group, Intel Corporation, Hey, you are so GREAT :) then  Suraj Shetty Cisco Systems, Inc. Thanks I later talked to Ray Irani, will follow on :)

Promotion Code is “WifiAnd5G”, a much surprised pricing to begin trial on our Developer Account : If you want encompass true SEAMLESS in your next generation Moving IOT device, Robot/Drone/Autonomous-Car/VR, Across 3G/4G/Satellite/Public WIFI, don’t waste time waiting the 5G come, not like you think it will come.

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