Promotion – After attending Silicon Valley Reinvents the Wheel Annual Meeting


Attended the annual Silicon Valley Reinvents the Wheel  conference on Monday, most of this year’s topics are focus on Autonomous Vehicle, A lot of cool stuffs, most excited things among them are 2 presentation sessions from Google/Nvidia, Dave Ferguson, Robotics and Machine Learning – Google, and Danny Shapiro, Sr. Dir Automotive, Deep Learning  – NVIDIA. I asked a question at each session : “Without a Realtime Available Connectivity to interact BIG data from cloud, for example get enough surrounding information , Is ok for them to just do realtime processing 100% locally to get things done in the Self-Driving context?” You know suppressing me, they insisted.

SO, here is my concretion, the 5G will not come any soon, coz Google have its huge business locked in the 4G ecosystem context, they don’t want hurt the whole soup. Same as the other telecom heavy players locked in their ecosystem too. Once they soft-heart on Autonomous Car (comparedly too small now), the rest industries will ask them for it :)

Our quick 5G implementation is truly agnostic to the whole lot ecosystem, it can be done today without any worry about history baggage. Just a Raspberry Pi and couple of wifi modules, you, as a Autonomous Car developer, can begin trial in 3 mins, experiencing the “Dissolve-Roaming” across wireless networks, which are too dynamic to trust in any single network provider, especially while you conduct the “Realtime Monitoring” on your self-driving field trial. The promotion code is “AutonomousCarDeveloper” to apply the silver grade Developer account, please follow the steps.

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