Promotion – After attending Inter Drone Las Vegas


Attended the Inter Drone Las Vegas, seemed 2 things disappointed people, which were Line of Sight and Flight Height. But you know, people always do things before the raining day (or hehh.. Sunny day), doesn’t them? So still see many forward looking Startups focus their energy on features for tomorrow, when the regulations gonna change for a better life ready be leveraged on better technologies.

I asked some of DFJ (One of the Biggest front runner in Drone) people who demoed on site, why even the line of sight control screen suffers often? They answered in uniform : “Don’t you see so many wifi deployed here? Who else gonna be good?” Yes, who else gonna be good enough? Nope, none of a single network, no matter if it is wifi, can be trusted in if you really want do thing realtime.

I am now deciding provide a discount code “InterDroneDeveloper” for those brave people who are not afraid of today’s regulation, gonna put faith on a better tomorrow, a tomorrow flying drone with Control/Video beyond line of sight, higher and of coz, Across Networks, that any single of them is too dynamic to trust, no matter which is 3G/4G/Satellite/Public wifi. Applying the Silver Grade Developer Account, for USD 300, and first 3 months 10 G data flow in each month for free. Please soon apply before it expired and would I change my mind :)

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