Promotion – After Attending IEEE 5G Summit – For Smart City

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Attended IEEE Communication Society hosted IEEE 5G Summit. Thanks for General Co-Chair Saurabh Sureka who kind been very busy through the whole day, from managing the Q&A to arranging the Speaker who kind quite becoming too excited.

The most excited thing is that Watching the realtime video showing Prof. Mischa Dohler interviewing his team at the other end King’s College London, who are doing the Legend 1ms latency experiment (Thank, Mischa, You know it’s where the whole Summit show driving to the highest point :) But what a little disappointing people was that due to the connectivity kind congested at the conference room that morning so lag the realtime show a little much. (I should have told Saurabh that we could do our 5G service for the realtime demo like we did for the WCA Demo Fest, Sorry, Saurabh my friend :) Right? David :)

The second excited thing is that the almost non-stop show (yes, you know, no sooner had I just found some where ate the launch then the next session began) showing that from At&t through the OEM QUALCOMM, Intel to Ericsson who are all busy preparing for the 2020 show time when their 5GPP version gonna debut. But even from their Traditional 5GPP perspective to do the entire work from end to end, even they said gonna separate the network to layers to prioritize the Real Realtime work, I don’t buy too much that 2020 gonna provide a public 5GPP version framework that afford 1ms latency in all aspects. And, the ridiculous thing would be that if even Verizon couldn’t make 4GPP coverage the Cupertino City (where Apple Headquarter locates, the tough local resident communities just don’t allow them doing so, left here many “Holes”) entirely, why the 5GPP can?

Not to mention what we guys cared about, the Across Network/Roaming capability that sustain any single network dynamics (like Verizon, the worst would be just even no coverage), that possibly got no room to be integrated into this 5GPP picture before the 2020 due time. (Or let this part be named 6G or 7G?)

So, what is 5G? to mine, a Startup perspective, why not let the market decide? (the crying Absence of Value of Realtime Availability demand on the IOT street already so far) The Problem is not 4GPP, nor the Answer be 5GPP.

JC DRAWN, a Virtual Roamable Network enabler, who bring the 2020 future experience to now, providing a Virtual Telecom Service Dissolve-Roaming™ across Wireless Networks, 3G/4G/5GPP?/Satellite/Public-WIfi. No matter how BIG the Smart City would be, how dense the outdoor/indoor public-wifi would be installed, how and if a united Public-Wifi (HOTSPOT 2.0? with a City-WIde development plan? Best!) zone would be deployed across or at each 0f them, of coz, how dense would each of the 3G/4G (/5GPP? good, why not, if it comes earlier) operator deployed its coverage across the city, a Realtime Available/Affordable Connectivity with WiFi First is enabled for the VEHICLE. Promotion Code “SmartCityShowTime”.

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