JC DRAWN are very proud to become the Infrastructure Partner with WCA Event – Wireless-IoT Device Demo Fest 2015!

Participated in the Wireless Communication Alliance hosted Wireless-IoT Device Demo Fest 2015, being invited as the Infrastructure Partner providing a Demo WiFi connectivity service for the Demo Presenters’ on-stage realtime showcases, who are from Marvell Kinoma and another 9 disruptive IOT startup companies. The Demoing WiFi connectivity service we provided is a quick 5G implementation Demo, that utilizing […]

Promotion – After attending Wireless Global Congress 2015

Attended Wifi Alliance/Wifi Broadband Alliance co-hosted Wireless Global Congress 2015, thanks to WCA CEO David Witkowski’s warm invitation of the complementary ticket, hey, here say Thankyou, my friend Since the event is co-hosted by 2 giant wifi spec determinant group, the main focus this year be targeted at Next generation wifi spec, most impressed of them […]

Promotion – After attending Silicon Valley Reinvents the Wheel Annual Meeting

Attended the annual Silicon Valley Reinvents the Wheel  conference on Monday, most of this year’s topics are focus on Autonomous Vehicle, A lot of cool stuffs, most excited things among them are 2 presentation sessions from Google/Nvidia, Dave Ferguson, Robotics and Machine Learning – Google, and Danny Shapiro, Sr. Dir Automotive, Deep Learning  – NVIDIA. I asked a […]

Promotion – After attending Inter Drone Las Vegas

Attended the Inter Drone Las Vegas, seemed 2 things disappointed people, which were Line of Sight and Flight Height. But you know, people always do things before the raining day (or hehh.. Sunny day), doesn’t them? So still see many forward looking Startups focus their energy on features for tomorrow, when the regulations gonna change for a […]

We begin service

Hello Developers, JcDRAWN is very excited to announce that we launch the service on 8/13/2015. From then on, we will provide service to developers who are willing to become our Silver Grade partners first by providing a trial use client side SDK, and we offer a package with $699 initial for cloud setup fee, and […]